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Switch off that alarm. Let the kids stay up a bit later so they sleep longer in the morning. Have a nap. Whatever fits in with your day. Try and let your body get as much sleep as it wants so you wake naturally.

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Slow down. If you’re anything like me it can take a few days to stop looking for things to do and for the feeling of permanently being in a hurry to go away. Deliberately make time for activities that you struggle to fit in normally. Read that pile of books that’s been building up on your list. Arrange to see friends you’ve been to busy to catch up with. Or do nothing, and enjoy it.

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Make the Most of Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables

Holidays are often strongly associated with food and drink. We’ve worked hard all year and we really feel we deserve to enjoy eating out, barbecues with friends, the breakfast buffet we’ve already paid for at the hotel. And we totally do deserve it. Just sneak a little bit of balance in – there is loads of fruit at it’s best in the summer months, both taste-wise and price-wise. Add some in with you and your kids meals and snacks. The more fruit and vegetables the better for your health.

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Adapt Activity

Try and find a way that you can enjoy staying active on holiday. You might not be able to do your usual thing – there may be no access to a gym, or it may be too hot to run but there may something else you can do. You could walk, you may have access to a pool or water-sports. Gentle cycling can be a good option in hotter climates as you create your own breeze as you go. Often holiday destinations are much better set up for cyclists then we are here in the UK. Just be careful not to do too much if it’s really hot.

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Stay well hydrated

If you’re in a hot climate remember to drink plenty of water and keep well hydrated – especially if you are active. This will reduce your risk of becoming unwell due to the heat and developing dehydration or heatstroke. Other tips are to dress in light clothing, avoid excess alcohol and to have cool showers.

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Don’t let the kids stress you out

If the major stressor of your holiday is preventing the kids from scratching each others eyes out have a think about things that you can do to keep them entertained. Activities don’t have to be expensive – there are lots of free places to explore and if money is tight (or you have a fussy eater like I do) you can often take a picnic. There are some fantastic resources available. For people in or around the Glasgow area the Facebook page “Help, What am I Going to do Today” has a list in the announcements section of hundreds of ideas for families, along with cost etc. Please share if there is anything similar in your area.

Enjoy your summer, Izzy

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