Guest Post by Ingrid Campbell

Creating Art is a wonderful way to help you stay in the moment, get caught up in the simplicity of making marks with a pencil/pen or brush to relax the body and mind.  As adults we may have decided we are not creative or good at art but that usually comes from misplaced comments fed by family or from school or even from ourselves.  As Picasso said ‘All children are Artists, the problem is how to remain an artist once they grown up’

Being artistic or creative does not mean replicating something to look like a photograph, a camera can do that. It is the act of producing something new and the process of doing this is the mindful part- to slow down, to really focus and look.  

Art has long been used as a way to calm the mind, it is used therapeutically in hospitals and projects with both young and old.  Many people take up drawing or painting in later life, not because they plan to become the next Van Gough but because the process is so relaxing, absorbing and peaceful.

In this fast paced world of modern technology take the time to doodle, draw something in your home, like a plant, or get an adult colouring book. If you feel like some group mindfulness art sessions to get you started get in touch with me at   

Ingrid Campbell is a trained artist/illustrator and works under the name of Inky Designs. She is currently in her second year of an MSc in Counselling.

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