by Isla MacNair

Isla attends a local secondary school. Her Facebook page “Isla’s Positive Page” is full of wonderful posts that encourage positivity in these hard times.

Staying Positive in Lockdown

This is a time of uncertainty and such an  anxious time for many. I decided to create a page on Facebook to display positive quotes, poems and videos to keep people’s spirits up and help them stay positive in lockdown. It is also there for people who maybe struggling with mental health issues. We know that lock-down can be a trigger for anxiety and depression. 

I feel passionate about mental health because I and a couple of my friends are currently experiencing problems. In the past I have been very involved in raising awareness in my school, Boclair Academy. I plan to continue to do so in the future.

I also want to share this message beyond the school wall, and speak out about why it is so important to try to maintain your mental health as best as you can by remaining  positive.

However I know it is extremely difficult to stay positive in these circumstances which is exactly why I created the page. If you need something to help you feel more positive then please visit my Facebook page-“Isla’s Positivity page”. 

Things that keep me positive

Blogging about mental health makes me feel more positive because I feel I am giving something back to the community. I may be making a difference to someone’s day – someone who is having a tough time, feeling lonely or perhaps someone who is struggling with their own mental health. Anything that reassures people that they are not alone makes me believe what I am doing is beneficial to folk. 

Keeping in touch with my friends and family makes me feel more positive because even if they aren’t physically there, I know they are a phone call away, or with me in spirit. 

Walking with my dog  really makes me feel optimistic and helps me clear  my head and put thing things in perspective.

The fresh air, listening to birdsong and generally enjoying the joys of nature make me feel more relaxed and positive.

The quotes and poems that I have come across on social media really help.

Positives that I am thankful for in lockdown 

I can take time to relax and do my own thing.

As I can’t get out and about I’m using the time to learn things that will come in helpful for the future, for example I’ve signed up for a sign language course.

I’m also enjoyed doing some school work. I’ve discovered it makes a difference doing it at my own pace and because I actually want to do it. I’ve particularly enjoyed doing some French revision which should help when we finally get back to some kind of normality. It makes me feel like I have achieved something during lockdown. 

I’m also thankful for the technology that has allowed me to keep in contact with my sister who is working really hard in the Beatson Cancer Centre as a radiographer and also my other relatives and friends as well. 

Surviving Lockdown

To survive lockdown I think we really need to try to keep ourselves busy and to try to find the positives in this situation. Ideas about what you could do to stay positive during covid-19 :

 Set yourself a target to learn something new 

Practice mindfulness or yoga or something relaxing to maintain your mind in a much positive way as possible.

Make the most of the lockdown and do something that you enjoy that can be within your home which takes your mind away from all the worries and stressors of lockdown.

Be kind to yourself!It would be great see you all at my facebook page. Here’s the link:

             It’s okay to not feel okay ?

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