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Happy New Year and new decade.  New Years resolutions or not, it’s almost impossible not to reflect over the past year.

Our ethos has always been to provide up to date, evidence based health information to anyone who wants or needs it.  We all know how pressurised health care workers are when it comes to having time to talk to people.  We want to be able to share the rest of our knowledge with you – the important issues relating to our health that we haven’t had time to talk about in clinic.  If you are a health care worker and think any of our articles would be useful to the people you’re seeing – please feel free to share them.

I thought I’d summarise the topics we’ve blogged about so you can read them if you think they may be relevant to you or someone you know:

Being Active

Why we need to try and be more active, and how to get started.

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Health Conditions

Lot’s of articles about different conditions, including conditions that can be difficult to discuss like menopause or sexual function problems. And it’s not all about the pills we prescribe – it’s also about the other things you can do yourself to either make things a little better or reduce your risk of developing these conditions.

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Why we do what we do and how we can change it.

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We often underestimate the impact stress has on our physical and mental health. Here are some of our articles about what stress is and techniques to help manage it.

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A really important factor in our health, and one that we often ignore.

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Why losing weight is so hard, what should we be eating, should we be taking supplements?

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Mental Health

Often difficult to talk about, but so important

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Our Team

(and one day I’ll force every one to pose for a photo)

During 2020 we have been pleased to add Matt Wild, a consultant clinical psychologist to our team. The rest of the team remain the same:

Izzy Howat – a consultant in diabetes and endocrinology, with a special interest in weight related problems. She runs a specialist weight clinic with strong links to local leisure and dietetic services and the local NHS bariatric team. She is also working with the public health team to improve weight management and diabetes prevention services locally and has recently started a project linking in with primary care to optimise type 2 diabetes care in the community. She has two kids aged 10 and 8, enjoys running, cycling and being outdoors (and forcing them to join in). She likes eating food and drinking wine, and does her best not to do too much of it, not always successfully!

Laura Coia – a GP based in Glasgow, Laura has previously worked across various health boards training, initially starting her training in General Medicine and Gastroenterology before making the move to General Practice. She has experience in working in wealthy areas we well as areas with high levels of social deprivation. Along the way, she has been involved in, and continues to be involved in the local Addiction Service and has specific interest in the areas of Addiction and Mental Health. Years of personal experience, and an ever increasing wealth of scientific research, has led her to become one the strongest local advocates of the importance of life change, diet, activity and stress management on health at both a personal and population level.

Grant Yuill – A Personal Trainer based at Core Fitness in Bearsden. Grant specialises in Mobility and Strength training at all levels. He has had tremendous success working with a wide spectrum of people from athletes to individuals who have chronic health problems. After working for years in the fitness industry, he has devoted himself to improving the quality of life of everyone through exercise. By coaching people on both the mental and physical sides of training, he has seen some amazing results in very short periods of time.

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Happy 2020, we hope you’ll continue to follow us and enjoy and share our articles. It’s great to hear so please comment on the articles, on Facebook or Instagram. Feel free to give us suggestions for topics for future blogs. If you have any wellbeing or community events of your own that you would like us to publish on the website or social media please contact us.

The Team at AYOSC

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    • Denise Martalo

      Thank you all so much for your blogs. I always look forward to reading them and it has taught me a lot. I will keep this latest email so I can quickly look back at a particular article and click on it as needed. Great idea. You are all very inspirational and your wealth of up-to-date knowledge is so refreshing and welcome.
      I look forward to a new year of blogs.

      Thank-you all once again. I appreciate what you do.
      Happy New Year!
      Denise Martalo

    • Laura Taylor

      Hi Denise, glad these are useful. It’s so nice to get some feedback! Feel free to share. Hope you have a great 2020

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