About Us

Over 70 years of combined medical, physical and mental health experience rolled into one programme.

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The team behind Small Changes 

Dr. Matt Wild

consultant clinical psychologist, ma (hons.), dclinpsy

Dr. Laura Coia

general practitioner, mbchb, mrcp, nmrcgp

Grant Yuill

level 3 personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach

Dr. Isabel Howat

diabetologist & endocrInologist, mbchb, mrcp (glas)

So, what is included in our programme?

Our programme, created by health professionals, guides you through making small changes to your daily routines. As well as nutrition and physical activity, we focus on improving sleep, managing stress and being part of a community.

Our online programme can be used by everybody, even those who may not know how or where to start.

We help you make small, gradual, positive health changes that are achievable and lasting.

Top tips for success, changing your environment

Want to get a head start now? Check out our guide to simple changes you can make to start creating new habits.