Dr. Isabel Howat

Diabetologist & Endocrinologist, MBChB, MRCP (Glas)

I did my specialist training in Diabetes & Endocrinology in the west of Scotland and eventually took up a consultant post in 2010 in a district general hospital outside Glasgow.  I work full time as a general physician and specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology.  I live in Glasgow and have a son and daughter at primary school.

Over the last few years I have set up a specialist weight management clinic service for people with complex weight problems. This has been very rewarding. Weight problems are often the result of long-standing medical and psychological issues in association with genetics. It’s never as simple as eat less and move more.

From a personal perspective I am not naturally skinny and have a big appetite and a sweet tooth.  I definitely have to work hard at eating healthily. 

I have a strong family history of both weight problems and Type 2 Diabetes. A number of close family members have had Type 2 Diabetes.  Some have suffered significantly from complications.

Dr. Isabel Howat

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I do exercise and enjoy it.  As well as the physical health benefits, I find it settles my mind and gives me a bit of time to myself.  In the past I used to run but as I’ve got older various aches and pains have meant I have been running less, and over the last year or two my main exercise has been cycling.

As my kids get older it has becoming increasingly apparent how different the current cultural norms are in terms of boy and girl activity levels. At one stage my son had a different sport on almost every-day of the week while my daughter was veering quickly towards more sedentary activities.

That all changed when a local mum started a girl’s football team. My daughter has gained so much from it as well as the exercise – learning how to be a team player, growing in confidence, co-ordination, meeting new friends and most of all fun. It was such a positive experience I wanted to part of it and have recently completed my Scottish FA coach training.

My family history, my nature, my training and day to day work and now also having children of my own, has led me to be increasingly interested in how the way we live our lives impacts on our health and the health of future generations.

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